Do I need to have an existing website to have online ordering?

No. You do not need an existing website. Local Serves will develop a specifically designed website for you that will contain your business name in the URL. The website provided will contain all the information necessary for customers to purchase your food for pick up or delivery.

I have my own website. How do I get online ordering for my shop? If you have your own website, Local Serves can easily add an Online Ordering feature that will seamlessly direct the user to a page containing all the information necessary to purchase your food for pick up or delivery.

Do I need to buy any specific hardware?

Yes. All that is required is a special printer that we can supply to you at a very reasonable price. Nothing else is required, not even an internet connection. Our special printer is a standalone printer that automatically prints orders received by your website.

Do I need to have a POS?

No. Our online ordering software does not require a POS to enable web orders. However, if you have a POS we can arrange to be integrated with your system. Alternatively, if you want a POS system we can supply one to you that will full integrate with your online order ordering software. Local Serves is a subsidiary business of Deliverit Software Pty Ltd which has developed its own point of sale software, called DPos. Please visit our website, www.deliverit.com.au, and ask our sales team for further details.

Can customers pay for their orders by credit card?

Yes. Local Serves will process orders to be paid by Mastercard or Visa, or COD upon pick up at your store or delivery to the customer.

How much does it cost?

Local Serves offers a very reasonably priced option to allow your shop to have online ordering available to your customers. Please contact our sales team for further details.

Local Serves Features

  • Use your own website, or have one specifically designed for you
  • Suitable for multiple stores
  • No POS required, or can be fully integrated with our DPos point of sale software, or other POS Software
  • Orders print automatically at your restaurant, shop or kitchen
  • Customers have the choice to pick up their order or get delivered
  • Orders can only be taken during your opening hours
  • Caters for all types of menus, special deals, half and half pizzas, add or subtract pizza toppings
  • Confirms orders taken to customer?s email address
  • Each menu item is visually displayed on the website
  • Developed by an Australian company
  • Uses an Australian merchant bank for credit card transactions
  • Order payment by credit card or COD
  • Website hosting and support services provided
  • Your website will normally appear in the top 10 search results